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Will be collecting my first roll of Mamiya film tomorrow!

Howdy people!

Sorry for being inactive for the past 2 days, been busy with school.

I’ll be collecting my first roll of film shot using my mamiya TLR tomorrow! I’m quite excited about it because it had been a while since I used film to shoot. I shall share the story of my juvenile and short photography journey.

I actually started off with lomography, playing with Hogla, Supersample, Fisheye, films and cross processing. It was really fun at that point of time, now they are more like collectibles to me. Then I received a really nice Pentax K1000 SLR (Uses 35mm film) from my good friend, that was also how my passion and interest for photography developed. The very first DSLR that I got my hands on was Nikon D70s, it belongs to my friend and he’s really kind enough to lend it to me. I have to say, the camera and kit lens provides an excellent learning platform for a beginner like me. After playing with the D70s for around 1 year, my love for photography grew tremendously! So I save up really hard and got myself the camera that I’m using now, Nikon D300, I like it a lot! *Maybe because I saved really hard for it*

Well these are the snippets of my photography journey thus far. You guys are welcome to share your photography journey too! =)

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